How to Clean Bulb for Projector Lamp

It’s simply one more day of making the most of your Projector Lamp or Rear Projection TV when out of the blue you see the feared light cautioning pointer revealing to you it will be time soon to supplant the projector light. With these straightforward strides, you will figure out how to supplant a projector light and have returned to making the most of your projector or TV in the blink of an eye.

Assemble the fundamental instruments. Fortunately, you’ll just need a manual screwdriver to expel the board. You will likewise need to have a delicate, non-grating fabric convenient to assist stay away from any contact with your fingers and the light get together. A Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth is prescribed.

urn off TV or Projector. After the unit has chilled off appropriately, expel the power string from the outlet and the unit totally.

Expel Lamp Compartment Door. The light compartment on projectors is normally situated underneath the projector unit. For Rear Projection TVs, the light compartment ought to be situated in the back towards the base left or right half of the TV. 2-4 screws will be holding the compartment set up. Evacuated the screws and the light compartment entryway.

Remove Lamp Assembly. Precisely haul out the light gathering and disengage any power ropes that may at present be associated with the light get together. Set it aside and don’t get it mistaken for your new light!

Clean Lamp Compartment. Tidy gets all over the place and keeping in mind that you have the projector open, utilize a delicate fabric or smaller scale fiber cleaning material to expel any free tidy from the light compartment.

Embed New Lamp Assembly. Painstakingly reconnect any power links to the new light if present and slide the new light into the compartment in a similar introduction that the first light turned out.

Take Lamp Compartment Door. Set the light compartment entryway once more into the right spot and safely sink the entryway without tightening it too firmly.

Reset the light clock. Guidelines on the most proficient method to do this ought to be secured by the direction manual. Find more options for projector lamps and bulbs at Karya.

You’re Done! Make the most of your projector or TV again and ensure you have a reinforcement light convenient in the event that the lights go out suddenly.


Spare cash by dealing with your projector light previously, then after the fact it is introduced.

Most Manufacturers have their item manuals accessible online for survey as well as download. Make sure to look at the manual for any guidelines that might be particular to your model.

Have a huge amount of links connected to your projector or TV? Check each link with tape and name each link with what it ought to be connected to before you supplant the light. You will be shocked that it is so natural to overlook where things go.

Smaller scale Fiber Cleaning Cloths are perfect for the treatment of Projector Lamp Assemblies.

Watch this video now to see how to replace projector lamps: